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¿How to process your requirement?

Please kindly follow the following steps for your requirement through

1.    In the home page for, please kindlly review the catalogue for any design (birthday, wedding, get well soon, etc.), please select the type of flower and choose your best option, once you have done this, please click “add to cart”

2.    If you are completely sure in what you are going to purchase, please click the PURCHASE button and complete the information noted there-in.

3.    Afterwards, you will obtain a confirmation screen where you need to select the payment form.


Payments with credit card 

1.    Paypal system will authomatically be opened

2.    Processing this action, you will see a receipt of your purchase if your payment was approved or denied

3.    Once the payment process is finalized we will deliver your DetalleFloral.


For bank deposit payment or wire transfer deposit 

1.    Once your requirement is confirmed, the system will generate an order number with all the specifications you have noted there-in

2.    You will see a screen with the banking information to process your deposit or wire transfer

3.    Once the deposit or wire transfer is process, please kindly submit an email or go into “your account” for and search for the order you have just generated and report “deposit done” – which will automatically changed the status to “purchased paid”

4.    Once the payment is confirmed we will be delivering your DetalleFloral accordingly

How to review your Detallefloral request?

Please kindly enter to the “My Account” seccion and you will be able  to verify the status of your requirement.


 The status that you might find after reviewing your requirement are the following: 

PENDING – your order and payment have been created, but we are awaiting for the confirmation of your transaction or payment

PAID – your order and payment have been received, our flower designer is reviewing the details of your order and will confirm your requirement

CANCELLED – This indicates that your requirement has been cancelled due that your transaction was not approved or the banking deposit was not reported on a timely manner.


CAPTURED - Your design is captured and being programmed to be created

IN PROCESS – Your design is being created to be delivered on the agreed date

IN ROUTE –Your design is being programmed to be deliverd on the agreed date

DELIVERED – Your DetalleFloral has been properly received.  You will get and email with the complete information of the person who got the design and delivery timing.


Considering it`s a natural product, in some cases the form, size or color pattern might vary, as well as the production of some type of flowers and folliages, due that they are seasonal and subject to inclement weather, etc.  In case there’s a change on the type of flowers you will be immediately informed.

Payment methods

Payment method can be used on line through PayPal, debit cards, credit cards, bank deposits or wire transfer.

DetalleFloral cannot be held responsible for any shopping done with a credit or debit card that has been claimed as lost or robbed. DetalleFloral understands that the person using this credit card  is the credit card holder, it is a loyal customer and is fully capable.


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